If you’ve got a security LED light, then you know exactly what it’s for, but there are many types of lights and people are using them for just about everything. Who knew solar LED lights could be the Swiss army knife of the lighting world, but enterprising customers are slapping the lights on everything, creating some truly impressive displays of inventive genius.

RV Light

You can’t drive 55? Good, Interstates are 65 and higher. Traveling the country in an RV is the American dream, but with so many gadgets and doohickeys, your battery takes a beating. With solar-powered LED lights, you can keep your RV as bright as the day without draining your battery. Like camping? Attach them to the outside to illuminate the campfire. (Meanwhile you’re inside watching football thanks to the satellite dish.)

Chicken Coop Light

Chickens make more poop than should be allowed by nature, but when those eggs start rolling out it’s worth it. It’s because of the poo and fowl smell (pun intended) that you put the coops far away from the home. Lights on the coop let you see then from a distance and discourage varmints (do people still use that word?) from eating the little cluckers before you get a chance too. Mmm, fried chicken.

Fence Lighting

Fences tend to be on the outskirts of the property far away from light sources. The goal is to keep people and animals out, but how do you know some insane clown and his circus folk aren’t coming to kidnap you for the trapeze show? Attach lighting to the fences and keep the outer areas of your property illuminated so you can see intruders and see your own way if you out in the dark.

Pond Lights

This one’s a no brainer. You don’t want to fall into your pond because a turtle you didn’t see suddenly raced into the water and freaked you out. Bodies of water can be dangerous even if they are small. Along with safety, pond lighting lets you illuminate a beautiful aspect of your outdoor landscaping. You can practically see the giant goldfish swimming in the water. Anyone got a fishing pole?

Mailbox Light

For many people, the mailbox is at the end of a driveway and they have to venture out at night to pick it up. Trying to navigate anything in the darkness is hard enough, but it’s super dangerous when you’re close to the roadway. You don’t want to be close to the road when Billy Bob decides to swerve into that possum because he’s a tool. The mailbox light can give you a focal point and you can actually see what you’re getting out. You can also take a gander at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Addition without the disapproving frown from your wife or girlfriend.

Entryway Lights

No sense spending 20 minutes looking for your keys because you can’t see or worried that some critter is lying in wait to eat your face off. Who knows, maybe that clown and his circus folk decided to wait for you in the cover of darkness. They REALLY want you to do trapeze.

Gate Lighting

Gates are great at keeping people off your property, but they suck when it comes to opening them up in the dark. If you’re looking for security, then you probably have a padlock that either requires a key or a combination. Tell me, how are you going to do a combination lock in the dark? Try to hold a flashlight in your mouth or do an impromptu game of Twister trying to unlock it? Outdoor solar LED lights make it so much simpler.

Pop-up Tent Lighting

You decided to ditch the RV (and the television) to commune with nature and camp in a tent. You’ve got plenty of lighting outside just in case bears mistake your camp for a fast food restaurant, but what about in the tent? Try getting dressed or finding something in a dark tent. Solar LED lights are your eyes so you don’t accidentally put on your wife’s camisole instead of your shirt.

Sleeping Bag Light

Maybe a tent isn’t even roughing it enough for you. You’re sleeping under the stars just like all those cowboys in John Wayne movies. Yippee Ki Yay! When you’re all snuggled up in your bear taco…I mean… sleeping bag, you might want to have a light on. Maybe you can’t sleep, want to read a book, or are confused by the heavy breathing outside your bag, and a light will go a long way towards keeping you from meeting a “Deliverance” fate.

Holiday Decorating

You can only do so much with twinkling lights. If you’re going to beat all the other Whos in Whoville you’re going to need blow-up Santa, mechanical reindeer, and elves imported from Westworld. Solar lights can make sure all your work is bright and shiny for all the neighbors to see. You might even get the Grinch and make his heart swell (he really should see a cardiologist about that).

So go ahead, take the plunge and explore our website to find all the different kinds of outdoor solar LED lights we have available!