We hear the term eco-friendly often in our daily lives. Sometimes we see products that have little tags saying they are eco-friendly. We know we need to be using recycled and up-cycled products but we have to make that choice.

But what does eco-friendly mean really? The definition means earth friendly or not harmful to the environment. It usually refers to products that support green living. It also refers to conserving resources such as energy and water consumption.*

Eco friendly products also reduce pollution by the use of and the manufacturing of an item in a particular manner. Overall, they are a part of the solution to a cleaner environment.

Including green living practices in our lifestyle is a conscious choice. There are thousands of eco-friendly products that you can choose to use over a traditional item. Let’s take a look at some of these items that you need to be using at home or in your business.

10 Eco Friendly Products You Should Be Using

10 Eco-Friendly Products You Should Be Using

Cotton shopping bags – Many states are starting to get away from the plastic bags in an effort to reduce trash and the manufacturing process.

Rechargeable batteries – Batteries are difficult to recycle because of the content. So rechargeable are a great option as you get many uses from a single battery.

Aluminum water bottles – Plastic bottles are a nightmare in our society. Making a conscious choice to use reusable water bottles may take a few steps, but it’s worth it.

Solar lighting – Perfect choice for our outdoor needs, different styles of solar lighting will allow you to expand the use outdoor spaces. Check out the Solar Blaze light for your yard

Solar power – Solar is finally getting into the affordable range for homeowners and business owners. With multiple options and styles of solar power panels, it’s getting easier to buy and install panels.

LED lightbulbs – Made to save energy, LED bulbs are an important factor on cutting your energy use.

Solar powered phone charger – There are many different styles of these chargers powered by the sun. Great for use at home and on the go.

Bamboo washable towels – Perfect for quick spills and clean up these will let you ditch the throwaway paper towels for good. They’re washable and reusable.

Cloth napkins – Easy and affordable using a cloth napkin rather than throw away not only adds up to savings over time but they cleanup so much nicer.

Cork or bamboo flooring – There are many sustainable flooring options that you can use instead of petroleum based carpet. Prices are coming down and a great choice for green living homes.

10 Eco Friendly Products You Should Be Using

By making small yet important efforts to conserve energy and make smart choices, you can make an impact on the environment. These 10 products are a great start.

What other products or changes have you made in your lifestyle to support eco-friendly living?

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10 Eco-Friendly Products You Should Be Using

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