The activity for preparing in the event of an emergency has been with us for years. Back in the day, they learned to dry meat and later on can food due to the lack of refrigeration at the time. But it also allowed for preparation in the event of emergencies.

In our culture today, many of us may not feel the need to put aside things for emergencies. We are used to running to the store to gather what we need. We’re used to just going to the ATM and getting cash when we need it or replacing an item when it’s broken instead of fixing it.

But with all of the emergencies and unexpected catastrophes happening in our world today, now people are starting to think more and more about prepping for an emergency. This is where the term “preppers” comes from – always being ready for the unexpected.

With that in mind there are some key items that are absolutely required for survival. Think about how long you could survive without water or food should the power go out and you couldn’t leave the home. Think about the hurricanes that just occurred. How long could you go without basic supplies, if you had to?

Here are the top 10 you need to start with for prepping for you and your family.
10 Key Items for Prepping As a Start - Solar Blaze

10 Key Items for Prepping As a Start

  1. Water – A basic necessity for life. We simply cannot live without water. Plan on storing gallons as one adult needs one gallon a day, minimum. Don’t forget about your pets
  2. Water Purification – Also find a purification method that will work for you. Or choose several choices from filters, drops, straws, bleach
  3. Food – Like water, you cannot go too long without it. Storing food can be easy or difficult, depending on your resources. Look into freeze dried meals, which will last the longest. Canned goods, rice, beans, jerky, peanut butter and such work well too. Make sure to rotate foods in the meantime so code dates are not an issue
  4. Clothing – Durable clothing for all temps is a must. Think about where you live and if you would need to evacuate to another area. Also each family member needs a basic set of clothing
  5. Boots – If you have to head out of the home, boots with a thick sole are the safest choice. Debris can easily cut your feet so protect them
  6. Cooking Fuel – There are many types of fuels that you could use for cooking, but the easiest would be firewood. You can stockpile it and even cut down trees, if needed. Don’t forget a cast iron pot to cook in
  7. Waterproof Matches or Fire Starters – Make sure you have a way to start the fire using waterproof matches and fire starters.
  8. Energy Sources for Lighting and Heat – You will need to stay warm and dry and firewood can work as well for this. Also look into solar panels for hooking up light sources. Solar security lights with an on-off switch would be a good item to add. Charge during the day for light inside at night
  9. Solar panels and Charging System for Tools and Radios – Solar powered charging systems are perfect for keeping radios charged and even cell phones, if the grid is working
  10. Hand tools – Don’t forget basic hand tools like axes, hammers, nails, saws, duct tape, screwdrivers, and other tools for building and repairing

These 10 key items for preppers that are just starting out are the basic necessities for survival. How does your supplies measure up?

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10 Key Items for Prepping As a Start - Solar Blaze