If you’re anything like me, when planning your next DIY yard project, you can visualize exactly how you want it to look when you are done. In fact, planning quick projects that you can get completed quickly is the best way to revitalize and update your yard, in my opinion.

Updating and adding in something, such as solar lighting, is a breeze when you take into consideration these three quick tips.

3 Tips to Install Solar Lights in a Flash

3 Tips to Install Solar Lights in a Flash

Know where you want to place your lights

Most of us know where we want the lighting to go so that you can quickly get an area highlighted or a walkway lit. Measuring it out will help you plan exactly how many lights you’re going to need and the type of light you want. Path lights, string lights, sensor lights, ambient lights – there are so many different types for the yard today.

Check the surrounding areas for sunlight direction

Look for where the sun will hit your lights once they are placed. Check to see if there are trees or shadows that will block the sun as it moves across the sky. You want your lights placed in such a manner that they can collect as much sunlight as possible. The more sun they get throughout the day, the longer they will work at night. Plus, they will be more efficient and last a long time too.

3 Tips to Install Solar Lights in a Flash

Look for dark areas that could use a spotlight

Take the time to walk your yard at night to see what areas could use additional lighting. Motion activated solar lights are the perfect solution for out-of-the-way corners, side yards, gated areas, pool pump areas, sheds, doorways, even docks. The motion activated lights offer a dim light all night until activity is sensed nearby. Then a bright LED spotlight comes on for a limited amount of time. A good security choice and safety measure too.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can have your lighting placed in the matter of minutes. Because of the solar technology, a steady and beautiful light will enhance your yard all night, once the lights receive a full charge. Usually within 2 to 3 days of initial placement, provided they are placed correctly.

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