The outdoor space at our homes are becoming an important extension of our living areas. Besides the kitchen, it’s one of the first things that we have to check it out before we buy or move into a new place.

Spending the time to plan and create an outdoor living space that is relaxing, inviting, and gives us the privacy that we are looking for is well worth it. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost much to add in a beautiful solar landscaping lights that will enhance your creativity.

How do we know where to add lighting? With the different types of lights available today, crafting a landscape lighting design will save you both time and money.

Here’s an easy way to craft your solar landscape lighting design plan for best results.

7 Tips to Plan your Solar Landscape Lighting Design

7 Tips to Plan your Solar Landscape Lighting Design

  1. Grab some graph paper and draw a diagram plot of the area you want to light.
  2. Include special features like trees, paths, water features, etc. Think about how you want to enhance that feature. Shadows can be a beautiful affect in your lighting. Also, don’t forget your home features, like pillars and stonework.
  3. Plot the placement of your lighting along with the type of light needed. Remember there are different types of solar lighting with different illumination wattage available. Ambient lighting is subtle while spotlights bring brightness
  4. Remember how you are going to use space as you are adding your lights. Play areas would need to be brighter while seating areas would need a more subtle down lighting to invite comfortable conversation.
  5. Don’t forget your surrounding areas. If you enjoy seeing the lights of the city, keep your lighting on the dimmer side.
  6. Count the number of lights that you need, making note of the different types, and then begin your placement. Recognize where the sun will hit for the best charge.
  7. Then relax and enjoy your new backyard atmosphere!

Creating your backyard oasis can be simple with a little bit of planning. These tips should help you light the way for some magical evenings outside.

Don’t forget to grab your solar motion detector lighting to add into your design. Perfect for ambient lighting in dark corners and a bright spot when movement is detected.