It’s never too late to start preparing for an emergency. Things happen when we least expect it and there are many perishable and nonperishable items that you can be stockpiling easily.

Some items you think of right off the top your head such as water, jerky, rice, and beans, flashlights, etc. But there a few that are just as critical but may not be thought of in terms of stockpiling. Check the list below for some ideas for your reserves.

Critical Prepper Supplies to Add to Your Stockpile

Critical Prepper Supplies to Add to Your Stockpile

  • Seasoned firewood – if you are a dry camping, you will definitely need the ability to start a fire. It takes a while to season wood so allow for that now
  • Charcoal and fire starters– another necessity for food preparation
  • Dawn dishwashing soap– this contain no phosphates so great choice for outdoor use
  • Unscented bleach – you will need to be able to sanitize dishes and water, if necessary
  • Throwaway lighters and matches – you need a way to light the cooking fires and small lighters last long time for a quick light source too
  • Compact solar lights– charge during the day and bring them in at night for light that you can use inside tents, RV’s, and homes. Look for ones with an on-off switch so you can shut them off if need be
  • Can openers– often forgotten but you need to be able to open those canned goods you are stockpiling
  • Hygiene Items – soaps, shampoos, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, vitamins, and other items to stay healthy
  • Pain medication– aspirin and non aspirin pain relievers are a necessity. Also add creams with lidacaine in case of muscle pain, cuts and scrapes, and hydrogen peroxide to clean injuries. Bandages are a necessity too
  • Food grade buckets– needed for carrying water and storing bulk food goods
  • Basic building supplies – tarps, screws and nails, zipties, hammers, rope, duct tape

There are so many more items that can be added but it’s never too soon to start stockpiling critical items for your list.

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