We talk a lot about the importance of solar led lighting for everything from security to safety, but it’s nice to hear about fun things that can happen even under the most unthinkable occurrences. This instance has happened to everyone at some point in their lives.

You’ve just arrived home maybe carrying an arm load of perishable groceries or your bladder is about to burst, but your keys are nowhere to be found. You check your pockets, the car and all over the ground, but the key monster swallowed them up and you’re stuck outside your house in the dark.

One of our customers found themselves in this very situation, but with children tugging on his sleeve asking him “why can’t we go inside,” and a million other questions like children do. Luckily, they had solar outdoor LED lights with motion sensors and he called his wife and she was on her way to rescue them.

This intrepid dad had some time on his hands and a few children to entertain while his wife made her way home. Also, the solar powered LED lights had motion sensors, so if no one moved they went out. Children are wonderful little cherubs filled with joy and wonder, but they’re also impatient, fidgety and get bored easily.

He put on his thinking cap and figured out a way to solve the entertainment problem with his children and keep the lights to discourage wayward killer clowns and opossums. He MacGuyvered (Yes, it’s a real verb in our universe) a makeshift screen and hanging system to create the perfect theater for shadow dancing.

What’s Shadow Dancing?

No, it’s not the new Dougie, Dab, or something Fred Astaire did with Ginger Rogers. Shadow Dancing is a form of dancing where a sheet is placed in front of a strong light source and figures dance behind the sheet, so the all the audience sees is shadows.

Using the bright solar light as the source and the makeshift screen, the children danced and danced until mom got home. Our guess is they danced a little longer so mom could watch as well. We’re not sure what music they danced to, but we like to think a mix of classic rock, possibly Queen or Metallica. There may have even been some shadow miming… it has to be a thing somewhere.

We hear a lot from our customers about how solar lights have helped them, but we love hearing about fun projects and occurrences that happens using or because of them too. In a world dominated by electronics and short attention spans, stories like this are uplifting and bring a smile to our faces.

If you have stories you’d like to share about your LED motion security light, then feel free to visit our website and sent them to us. We can’t wait to read them.