It’s fun to be creative when it comes to our home and garden. Improving our outdoor decor and landscaping doesn’t have to be expensive. There are so many tips and tricks that people can use to incorporate beautiful DIY solar lights into their projects.

The first thing we need to do when adding solar lights to our outdoor space is to identify exactly where we would need the light the most. Using a motion detector light is a cost saving idea because you get a two-for-one use out of the same light.

The solar motion detector light shines dimly when it is just illuminating the area. This is perfect for lighting pathways and dark corners. Maybe even highlighting certain features in your yard.

However, the solar motion detector light will brighten substantially when motion is detected within a 10 foot radius. That means it is perfect for adding safety to darker areas in your landscaping.

Using these solar powered LED lights you can easily DIY your lighting options. The easy peel and stick option means it can adhere to any surface. No wiring, no tools, no holes, no drilling. Plus, no batteries required – meaning no maintenance! Just a quick wipe of a damp cloth over the solar panel every so often!!

Want a few quick ways to use them?

Check out these ideas!

DIY Solar Lights for Your Home and Garden

DIY Solar Lights for Your Home and Garden

You can use these peel and stick exterior solar security lights by attaching them above entry doors and doorways, stairs, patios, docks, driveways, carports, and so many other options.

You can also use them on fencing that lines the walkway or a yard. Up on the walls so it shines down. Or even get fence posts and attach them to the post sinking them into the dirt at various areas in your landscaping. That way they are easily removed should you need them in another area of the yard.

The great thing about these bright solar lights is that you don’t need it electrician or even a landscaper to place these lights. They can be used in so many ways. It’s really up to your own imagination.

Another great thing is you can grab these on Amazon and they are available for Prime shipping! Plus a great price too.

Get your back yard and landscaping ready for spring and summer entertaining in a jiffy with these DIY solar lights. The motion detector lighting option you cannot believe you did without.