Today, our backyard spaces have become an integral part of our homes. They are a place to enjoy your coffee in the morning and come home to relax in the evening. Plus it is a perfect place for friends and family to gather for special occasions.

Now that summer’s here enjoying your outdoor space can take on new meaning with the longer days. As the sun goes down, the cooler nights means that the festivities can continue with the addition of beautiful solar lighting.

With so many different styles of solar lighting today, it’s easy to enhance the scene and create a beautiful space. Check out these tips you can add in a flash.

DIY Tips to Add Solar Lighting to Your Backyard Festivities

DIY Tips to Add Solar Lighting to Your Backyard Festivities

* Stringing solar lights through the trees and around tree trunks makes a beautiful statement and provides ambient lighting for your evening.

* Run string lights across overhangs and over your seating areas to add sparkling light for your guests. Choose lights in multiple colors or in a single color.

* Use the fence line for adding lights and creating lovely ambiance. You can use string or stake lights that are attached to the fence or solar motion activated lights that offer a dim light when not in use.

* Add a special something to your tables with vases full of solar or battery operated twinkle lights. Flameless or solar candles are a beautiful option too.

* Solar path lights are a perfect addition to your lawn and garden beds. Soft light that highlights the grounds and walkways. So pretty.

Whether it’s birthday parties or wedding receptions, or just a simple family barbecue, step up your party’s festivities late into the evening by offering beautiful lighting using solar.

Great thing about solar is it is easy to install, little to no maintenance, and offers a soft glow perfect for relaxing and conversation.

Check out our awesome solar light that works perfectly for so many applications in your backyard. No wiring or tools needed to install. Fully automated and a compact design for use wherever you need it!

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DIY Tips to Add Solar Lighting to Your Backyard Festivities - Solar Blaze