It’s easy to become complacent about security around our home. We live there; we’re comfortable there. That’s our sacred space. The last thing we want is for someone to disrupt our peace and comfort in our own home.

There are many things that we can do to ensure that our home security is where it needs to be. There are many different ways to protect our home and maintain a level of security, yet not feel like we live in a prison.

Take a look at these DIY home security fixes you can implement easily, even this weekend.

Easy DIY Security Items for Home - Solar Blaze

Easy DIY Security Items for Home

1. Look for the Obvious Issues

Pay attention to your surroundings when coming and going each day. Lock and secure windows and doors when you’re not at home. Don’t leave the garage door open. Set lights to come on automatically at night or when traveling.

2. Look At Your House at Night

Look for dark areas where someone can hide. Trim back heavy bushes and trees. Look at how you’re using lighting around your home.

3. Install Motion Activated Solar Lights

Illuminate those dark areas you identified in above. The motion activated light will only come on brightly for a short time if motion is detected. Add additional lighting throughout your landscaping so your home is well lit.

4. Cameras Could be an Option

If you have had prior issues with security, a camera system could help you. You can even find game cameras that work only when activity is detected. Many burglars are deterred when they see a camera on the house.

5. Alarm Systems Can be a Good Deterrent

Perfect for those that are gone from home often, an alarm system it’s definitely an option. There are even wireless systems for those that rent.

6. Well Trained Dog

Many would-be burglars will pass on a house that has a large barking dog. This generally would mean you have the space and would be able to care for a dog. Plus training may be involved as well.

Maintaining all of the comforts of home means we have to enjoy coming home without safety issues. Solar lighting and security lights are a wonderful, easy DIY addition to your home. Whether you rent or own your home, try these simple changes to protect your homestead.

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Easy DIY Security Items for Home - Solar Blaze