Our home is your castle and therefore we want to always feel safe when we are enjoying our time and family. There are many different types of items and gadgets that you can buy to use in your home which will maintain that secure and safe feeling. Not only are we talking about physical safety but also our health and welfare as well.

Every one has a different version of what safety and security means to them. With that in mind, we have complied some of our favorite items that would work to improve the security in and around your home.

Here are our top choices in home security gadgets.

Home Security Gadgets for Savvy Homeowners

Home Security Gadgets for Savvy Homeowners

Numeric Touch Deadbolt with or without Built-in Alarm

These are a wonderful choice to make for homeowners of all ages, especially seniors. No more keys to hide or lose, you simply push the number code to unlock or lock the doors. Some models come with optional alarms in case of attempted break in. These can be used on interior doors for offices, storage rooms, etc. as well.

Doorbell with Camera and Audio

A great choice for homeowners without a side window to view who is at the door. Plus, a better option than a peep hole where strangers can see that someone is inside. You can find models that offer audio so you can talk to the person too. Great safety tool.

Home Security Gadgets for Savvy Homeowners

Motion Sensor Solar Security Light

Perfect for highlighting dark areas outside of your home, these lights are a must-have for homeowners. There are plenty of places strangers can lurk so a motion detector solar light would make a difference. Trash areas, back yard areas, walkways, gates, doors, and more. Shines a dim light until motion is detected and then a bright LED light comes on.

Battery Operated Window and Door Alarms

Not only are these a good tool to have for children in the home, but these simple alarms offer a loud siren when a door or window is opened. Some come with remotes. Some come with chime settings to alert you to doors and windows opening and closing during normal use. Plenty of different options per manufacturer.

Door Reinforcement and Security

Steel plates that are installed around your door jam, these can help reinforce your door. Statistics show that the front door is the first place a burglar will try to gain entry. Then on to a window or back door. Even if you rent your home, you can reinforce a door with this item making it more difficult to enter.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The advancement in technology has improved so much over the years. It only makes sense to add this to your list of security gadgets you must have, especially with winter coming. If you use stoves, fireplaces, have kids, use RV’s or camp, you need one of these alarms. Some even come with with smart phone alert systems. Most offer a voice warning.

There are so many cool items that are out today that can help you extend the security measures in your home. We offer a compact motion solar light, perfect for your home or office. Try it today.