We all love the beauty of a well lit yard. Beautiful landscaping design is definitely highlighted by well placed solar garden lights.

With technology today, our lights can last 3 to 5 years and sometimes even more. The best way to make sure those solar lights live a long life is by taking good care of them.

So how do you care for your solar lights to get the best results? Here are some tips for you.

How to Care for Solar Lights for Long Lasting Life

How to Care for Your Solar Lights for Long Lasting Life

One of the first places to start in the care of your lighting is the solar battery. These batteries are rechargeable since they use the power of the sun. So to make sure you’re utilizing the battery to its maximum power, you must make sure that they are charging completely during the day.

A full charge is 7 to 8 hours per day, if not more. This will ensure that you get the light you need all night long. It also ensures that your battery maintains its lifespan. The batteries in our solar light has a five year warranty but it needs that strong sunlight to fully charge every day, or as often as possible.

Another part of our care program should be a weekly or biweekly cleaning of the light. The solar panel on the top of your light fixture is the gathering point for the sunlight. So to get the best amount of light, the panel needs to absorb as much as possible.

By simply taking a damp cloth and wiping the top clean, it will ensure that your light is getting its maximum charge. If there is stubborn dirt, you can use a little bit of window cleaner on your rag and get it clean. Don’t forget about water spots from your sprinklers. These can also affect the panels ability to gather sunlight.

How to Care for Solar Lights for Long Lasting Life

Sometimes your light cover over the solar panels will be come a little foggy or cloudy with age. Some people have used high-gloss clear paint to protect and clean off that foggy plastic. I personally have not tried it but it might be something to try when the light is new. It certainly is an interesting DIY hack that might be effective.

Our solar lighting is easy to maintain. Just little damp cloth here and there, direct light, and new batteries, as needed, and your solar lighting should give you the long lasting life you want.

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