When SolarBlaze bright solar lights are shipped from the factory, they are turned off to ensure they don’t come on while they are being delivered. A few people have missed this, so we wanted to point out that on the front surface, there’s a small hole with a lip around it. That’s actually a keyhole, and the key is included in the box with the light. It is a short rod with a loop on the end so it’s easy to hang on to.

All you have to do to activate the light is push the key in the keyhole. Once the light is activated it will come on dimly at dusk and shut itself off at dawn, so it provides gentle lighting all night long. Any activity picked up by the motions sensor causes the LED solar lights to come on bright, making it an effective security LED light as well.

Keep in mind that the light comes on automatically when it starts to get dark, so if it doesn’t come on immediately, try covering up the photocell. That should simulate darkness and make the light come on at the dim setting. Once the light is installed, if it doesn’t come on when the sun sets, make sure it isn’t picking up light from another source. If the light is mounted next to the porch or right outside a brightly lit room, the sensor might be picking up too much light to allow it to trigger the internal switch. If that’s the case, you may need to move it out of the light. Often, just a few feet makes the difference.

Turning Off Solar LED Lights

Most of the time, you’ll just be able to leave the light alone and it will do its duty day after day with no supervision. Keep that key, though, in case you need to turn it off for some reason—say your daughter decides to forgo the big church wedding and have a small evening service in your back yard (a parent can dream, right?) The videographer/new brother-in-law arrives and says your little security LED light is interfering with the ambiance. All you have to do is pull the handy key out of your highly organized tool drawer and deactivate the light for the evening.
LED solar lights are great for lighting up a gazebo or other outdoor seating area where you might want to entertain, but don’t have electricity. If the onset of evening might bring on a little romantic activity, you might want to keep the key handy so you can deactivate the lights before the motion sensor picks up the action and turns on the brights. There’s nothing like a few sudden spotlights to kill the mood.

By the way, if you misplace the provided key in your super-organized tool cabinet, a straightened-out paperclip will also work to turn the unit on or off in a pinch.

Keep the Solar Panel Clear

It doesn’t take much to keep your LED solar lights burning brightly for years. It’s a good idea to occasionally clean the solar panels, especially if you live in an area with a lot of pollen that can accumulate on the surface and filter out the sunlight that’s required to charge the internal battery.

Lights installed near the ground can also get covered in dust, grass clippings, etc. so give the surface a wipe occasionally to assure optimal function. These little solar LED lights are designed to be durable, hold up in hot and cold weather, and be waterproof. A little dirt won’t hurt anything, but sun can’t shine through a mudpack, so keep the panel clear.

We’ll Keep the Light on for You

These simple steps will get, and keep, your new lights working. The only other thing you have to do is find a sunny spot, and make sure the surface is clean before you stick them on. They’ll provide gentle light all night long, and brighten when there’s any activity so you can see what’s going on.