There’s nothing like the feeling of getting back to nature. Letting go of the stress and finding your roots, even if it’s for a weekend, can do wonders for relaxation and peace of mind.

Unplugging and heading towards the beach for the day is a great start. Maybe you would rather head to the mountains for a hike. If you really want to de-stress and get away from it all dry camping is the way to do it.

What is dry camping? It’s the old school method of camping outside. Tents, sleeping bags, campfires, streams and rivers. No RVs or tent trailers. No glamping in sight. Just you and nature.

While that does sound good in theory, there are some key items that can make your experience a lot easier. Here’s some of our must have items for dry camping.
Key Items for Dry Camping

Key Items for Dry Camping

  • Solar flashlight or battery operated one, with extra batteries
  • Solar lights you can charge during the day for light inside your tent at night
  • Water, if you are not by a stream, and water purifiers for questionable water
  • Fire starters
  • Basic Medical supplies
  • Solar powered cell phone chargers or two way radio to stay in touch in case of emergency
  • Warm clothes as the temperature changes greatly at night
  • Solar blanket for emergencys
  • Jerky and emergency food rations
  • Broken in hiking boots with extra socks

Being prepared ahead for any type of situation with some of these key items will help you and enjoy your time while dry camping. It’s a great experience for novices and kids love getting in touch with nature too. What a great activity for a family adventure and perfect for individuals too!

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