In society today we are so used to the comforts of home. Being able to flip a switch and have electricity anytime we need it is a given. We can power our computers, televisions, homes, and cellphones without even thinking about it.

Having lights and power in out-of-the-way spots and living off the grid is a little bit more complicated. If you have never done it or had to experience it, it may take some out-of-the-box thinking to be prepared.

Off the grid lighting solutions and power solutions can be simplistic. By focusing on solar you have multiple choices.

Off the Grid Lighting Solutions for Preppers or Dry Camping

Off the Grid Lighting Solutions for Preppers or Dry Camping

The first one is solar generators. These are offered in multiple sizes and convert the sun’s energy into power which can be used to run refrigerators, lights and other necessities.

Those that enjoy living off the grid, even for a short time while camping or RV’ing, find solar generators great option. They’re quiet and powerful. Using several could allow you to run a lot of appliances and tools.

Another option in off the grid lighting solutions are solar lights. You can use several options in this area.

One option is using solar panels. They can be rigged to batteries for conversion to lighting. With technology today, you can find solar panels in smaller sizes that would be easy to transport and used in any manner off the grid.

Off the Grid Lighting Solutions for Preppers or Dry Camping

The second option is actual solar lights. There are many options within this product line. Everything from dim pathway lights to bright LED lights. You can even use solar motion lights in out-of-the-way spots.

Relying simply on battery operated lighting when you’re off the grid is not always a good idea. Unless you have the ability to purchase more batteries on a regular basis, utilizing solar would be a better option.

Whether you’re a prepper or you just enjoy dry camping, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared for off the grid lighting solutions and power solutions. Thankfully, technology is improving every day and offering us options that are affordable and work!

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