We all know that solar energy comes from the light of the sun and is gathered through solar panels that collect the suns rays. But we may not know is that as panels get dirty, the output of energy or light, depending on what your solar panel is used for, can decline.

There are many different reasons that your panels get dirty. One of the main factors is where you’re located. If you are in a farming community, you may see heavy dust. If you are located near the ocean, salt spray could be a factor. If you’re in the city, road dust and debris could collect on the panels. And anywhere you live, birds can potentially cause an issue.

So taking the time to check your panels every few months can help with the output your panels continually give you. If your solar light is dimming then it would probably be helpful to clean your panels.

How Often Should You Clean Solar Panels

How Often Should You Clean Solar Panels

It also brings a question as to how often you should clean your panels. There are several factors that you should think about when deciding what’s best for you.

* Your location can play a big factor. If you are getting a lot of dust and small debris, you can easily wipe them clean every few months or even more often, if needed.

* If you see a build up of grime or other types of dirt, it just takes a few minutes to wipe down your panels so you get the best amount of sunlight. That will give you the best output.

* Perhaps your water is hard and the overspray from your sprinkler is causing a build up on the panels. This too can cause your light output to reduce. So a good cleaning would be a good choice.

It’s easy to care for your solar lights with a simple wipe down every few months or even monthly, if warranted. It doesn’t take much time to care for your solar light panels and it will ensure that you are getting the most efficient use from your lighting system.

* For solar energy systems, check with the manufacturer or installer to see how often you need to care for your panels. 2-3 times are year is usually the average unless you get heavy dirt. Make sure to use the proper cleaning tools, as recommended, or have a professional clean your panels to make sure they are not damaged.

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