I don’t care where you live, at some point or another you may be impacted by some sort of disaster. From earthquakes in the west to tornadoes in the south and midwest. Hurricanes in the southeast or massive snow packs in the mountains and northern regions. At one point or another we may find ourselves needing to grab our emergency disaster kit and head out to safety.

Depending on where you live you may already have your Go Bag packed and ready. Perhaps you never had to evacuate and want to be prepared for a disaster. Events like flooding, fire, and weather issues can happen quickly so knowing that you are prepared is important.

There are some staples that you should include in your emergency disaster kit. Here are some things to include.

Staples for Your Emergency Disaster Kit

Staples for Your Emergency Disaster Kit

* One of the first things is water. Flooding and other disasters can taint your water. You can use filters or use bottled water. Don’t forget to include your worksite location and your pets when planning. According to FEMA you should plan on 1 gallon per day for each member of your family and your pets.

* Nonperishable foods is also important. Look for items such as jerky, canned goods, beans and rice. Items you can heat up easily over a fire or just eat out of the can.

* Don’t forget sturdy clothing and blankets. Without electricity most of the time, you could be cold and damp. Perhaps you can get a fire going to stay warm and to cook but you want to be prepared to not have a fire for up to 3 days or more.

Staples for Your Emergency Disaster Kit

* Also on the list make sure to add lighting of some sort. High-powered flashlight, battery-operated LED lights, and bright solar lights you can put out at night and use inside after a charge are perfect to keep in your bug out bag. They are small and compact but yet will give you some light as needed. Even solar panels with the proper battery connections and set up can be added to your list, depending on space and the time you have before leaving.

* Also think about important items such as medications, ID’s, critical papers, lists of phone numbers, go phones and walkie-talkie’s, batteries and other necessary items.

* Don’t forget about the kids. Perhaps pack a small backpack for them to carry with their favorite activities like playing cards and books, trucks and dolls.

Practice escape methods with your family and also identify where to meet or what to do should they become separated.

Be prepared for emergency situations with your staples for your emergency disaster kit so that anytime you need to head out you and your family are ready.

Check out ready.gov and FEMA for more information on disaster preparedness and what to carry in your Bug Out bags.

For a outdoor solar light to add to your disaster kit, the solar motion activated light is compact yet bright when needed the most.