Right now is the perfect time to start doing upgrades and changes to your home or ranch. With the weather cooling off a bit, why not create that peaceful relaxing spot you always dreamed of?

As with any project you tackle, there are always some things that you wish you knew before you started. It is not unusual to run into hiccups along the way. Which is why we are sharing with you some things we wish we knew before installing Solar lights.

Check out these thoughts so your next solar lighting project can run just a little bit smoother.

Things You Wish You Knew Before Installing Solar Lights

5 Things You Wish You Knew Before Installing Solar Lights

  • Identify the features you wish to highlight
    Look where a solar light will enhance the beauty of the landscaping or provide ample light for safety.
  • Make sure you check for the correct placement in the yard or garden
    Check what may be in the way and cause a hazard of some sort. Can the lawnmowers get through? Is it a tripping hazard? Are there dark areas not covered?
  • Check your panel placement so it’s facing the sun light
    Look for obstructions that may block the sun from hitting the panel properly. Trees, shrubs, shade, etc. Make adjustments by moving a light, if needed
  • Make sure you are buying the proper light for the area served
    There are many strengths of light as well as types of bulbs. Choose the right light for the job.
  • Create a grid of where to place specific lights
    By using a map of sorts, you will know how many lights are needed with the first placement.

By taking the time to check your placement and map out where the lights will be, plus making sure you are using the right light for the job, you are cutting down any frustration that may come your way.

Don’t forget to add those motion activated security lights for those dark corners and fence lines. We offer the perfect choice.