Solar lights are a great invention. They’re perfect for so many uses from the garden to the ranch, and even the dock by the bay.

Because solar lights are made for outdoor use, most of them are made to be water resistant. What that means is rain and normal amounts of moisture, like from your sprinklers, is not going to make the lights stop working.

However, there are some times that we can have an area in our garden or around our home that could be prone to heavy water and even flooding. Should you have lights that you use in these areas, they could be affected by excess water.

What You Need to Know About Solar Lights and Rain or Water

What You Need to Know About Solar Lights and Rain or Water

Our solar motion light is rated IP65, which means they are water-resistant but not waterproof. So regular use of your lights in the garden and other outdoor areas should not be affected by the rain or watering schedules. However, in areas where flooding can occur, you need to make sure the lights are above the flood zone.

Immersing your lights in water will make your lights not work. Do to the battery operation, too much water can damage the battery or cause them not to receive a charge. If you need light in a specific area that does get a lot of water, try placing your lights on a post or securing them off the ground in some manner.

If you do anticipate a lot of rain and moisture from a big storm coming in, some people will remove their lights temporarily. If you find that your lights are not working after a big rain storm or flooding activity, you can try replacing the battery and drying out the battery casing area.

For the most part, you should have no issues with your solar lights and rain or water activity at your home or ranch. But we know sometimes fluky things happen. After all, we cannot control mother nature.

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