Thinking about becoming more eco-friendly in your home? Well, don’t forget to think about your outbuildings and barns when you look into methods and small changes that will add up into big savings.

Outside the home, there are ample ways you can add some money saving changes to your outbuildings that are eco-friendly and, might we say, green too. Being able to make some simple changes will reduce electricity usage plus throw a bit of extra coin into your pocket for a rainy day.

Your Barn and Outbuildings Can Be Ecofriendly

Some things to look into for how:

Your Barn and Outbuildings Can Be Ecofriendly

Solar powered fans that help remove hot air or cold air

– Installed in the roof, these run without electricity and work to reduce moisture in enclosed areas.

Install energy efficient lighting

– For interior lights, check into tubular daylight devices. These look like a skylight but act as a traditional light. And/or change your light fixtures to a more eco-friendly source of lighting with LED fixtures and bulbs.

Use timers

– Several types will turn out lights if no activity is sensed or after a certain time of day.

Solar power powered water pumps

– These work well for pumping water or running circulation for fresh water.

Wind powered water pumps

– Another alternative for energy, depending on your needs or location.

Solar powered hot water system

– Why use electricity when solar is available? Affordable and effective. Perfect for so many uses around the barn.

Your Barn and Outbuildings Can Be Ecofriendly

Solar motion detector lighting

– Keep pathways lit and entryways well lighted using motion detected lighting. Dim when on and bright when motion is detected.

Solar powered lighting

– Perfect for outdoor areas such as arenas and in smaller outbuildings, like animal pens.

These ideas are just the tip of the methods you can use to improve update your barns and outbuildings to more eco-friendly plan. Not only are these good for the earth, but they can help reduce the drain on your wallet over time.

Using natural resources is smart. After all, farmers and ranchers have been using some similar methods long before us! We just improved it.

Yes, we can be eco-friendly and earth friendly simply. Check out the bright motion light that will be perfect for your ranch or farm project.